Living The California Dream, 18 x 36", acrylic on canvas

Squid Boat Terminal Island, 12 x 30", acrylic on canvas

Sixth Street Bridge, 24 x 48", acrylic and graphite on canvas

Balboa Pavilion Mural

The newest mural, completed in December on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. Plus a link to an article in "The Daily Pilot," the LA Times' Orange County supplement, which pretty much explains what the mural is about.

Best Murals In Los Angeles

The local CBS affiliate in LA just published an article on their website about "The Best Murals in Los Angeles," which includes my Alhambra Archway mural. It's an honor to be on their list, and an honor to be mentioned along with to Mr. Siqueiros.

Dodger Stadium Murals

Art and his crew of painters were hired to do a series of murals and directionals at the newly renovated Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles before Opening Day of the 2013 season. Here are photos of a few of the pieces they did.

Keys' Desert Queen Ranch Mural

This 'Mural In A Weekend' project in Twentynine Palms, CA was painted on April 13 & 14, 2013, by Art and a large group of volunteer artists. Art spent the previous week laying the design out on the wall and mixing up all the colors with the help of a few locals, then the volunteers came on Saturday and Sunday to paint in the mural.

Vista Avocado Label Mural

This Mural-In-A-Day project in the heart of the old downtown district in Vista, CA celebrates Vista's past importance as the "Avocado Capital of the World." Art grew up in Vista during its avocado heyday and was very happy and excited to be asked to create a mural celebrating those days. A few community volunteers joined in to lay out Art's design on the wall and then a larger group came on Saturday to paint it in color.

Pier Ave. 1924 Mural

This mural is in Hermosa Beach, CA on the side of a large public parking structure in the heart of downtown Hermosa Beach, less than 1 block from the beach. It is the first of several historical murals planned by the local Murals Program. The mural depicts a view of Pier Avenue, which is about 1 block from the mural, looking along its last block as it runs down to the Hermosa Beach Pier – as it looked in 1924.

Alhambra Archway

The mural is on Mission Road, which runs through Alhambra and originally connected the nearby San Gabriel Mission with the Mission in downtown Los Angeles. This section of busy Mission Road now separates a residential neighborhood from the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks. The mural is on the wall that separates the neighborhood and Mission Road from the railroad. While working on the mural, the one lane of traffic closest to the wall was blocked off and there was no sidewalk; it was a pretty intense experience at times.

Vale, Oregon "Mural In A Weekend"

My latest mural project: A "Mural In A Weekend" was completed in Vale, Oregon on August 28-29. I spent the week beforehand working with a few volunteers to lay the design out on the wall and mix up all the colors. On the 28th and 29th a larger group of volunteers showed up and we painted until it was done. A gallery of images will be added to the site soon.


Recent Mural Projects

Hermosa Beach


Vista Sports Park

Long Beach


Crescent City


Beach Sunset, Winter, 24x84" acrylic on canvas

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