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   Century Villages at Cabrillo Mural
   15 x 43 ft., acrylic on plaster
   April, 2018
   Long Beach, California
Century Villages at Cabrillo Mural

This mural was commissioned by Century Villages at Cabrillo (CVC) in Long Breach, CA to honor the facilityís history and the many veterans who live, and have lived, there. This large facility was originally built as housing for Navy personnel before World War II. Over the years it has served a variety of uses, mainly as housing for disadvantaged and homeless veterans.

The Century Housing Corporation took over the facility in 1997 to provide transitional and permanent housing to the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless, including many veterans. They have transformed it, with many newly constructed living and community spaces, into a beautiful, vibrant community that cares for and supports all its residents.

CVC commissioned this mural in their central plaza to honor the many veterans who have lived and still live there and to honor the history of this place that has become a haven for so many disadvantaged people over the years. Their goal is to provide a safe, secure, and positive environment and to help as many residents as possible return to productive roles in society.

The mural depicts a group of veterans from all the armed forces in front of a background scene of the large former U.S. Navy base in Long Beach.

The mural was designed and painted by Art, with a lot of help from a large group of volunteer residents and some of Artís students from his Mural Painting class at Los Angeles Trade Technical College.